3 Tips on how to Lose the Baby Weight

People who haven’t seen me since I was pregnant are my favorite people. Every time I meet up with someone or see them in passing, they always comment on how great I look (seriously, y’all are amazing!) To be completely honest, There are only three basic things that I have done up to this point to lose the weight:

Healthy Breastfeeding Diet

My poor babe is dealing with some sensitivities. This means that I had to cut out all dairy and gluten, which for me was the majority of my diet (I am no health icon, that’s for sure). Considering I practically lived off of cereal, cottage cheese, and bread, I was forced to eat more wholesome food which really paid off for me! By eating more of these foods and munching on a salad instead of bread sticks for a change, I was able to drop pounds pretty quickly! Now, I stick to eating plenty of proteins, fruits, and vegetables, and my body has thanked me immensely.


I know that this option isn’t available for everyone, but if you are able to breastfeed, it does help get those pre-pregnancy curves back! Our body burns nearly 20 calories per ounce of breast milk. That means that if your babe drinks between 20 and 30 ounces each day, you are burning an extra 400-600 calories!. My little nugget nurses all of the time, and I am convinced she is the reason I lost the weight so quickly! Thanks, sweet girl!


I cannot explain to you how helpful this has been. Right now, I am a month post-pardum, and I have worked myself up to walking at a leisurely pace for two miles. Please know, however, I was walking upwards of three of four miles each day, up hills (had to walk that baby out!). The walking helped me shed pounds fast, and it is a great bonding activity that I can do with my baby!

That’s it! While I still have some strengthening to do to get back to how my body looked before Baby, I feel great. I may not be able to fit in my size 0 jeans anymore, and that is okay. Please know that not everyone’s body is the same. Don’t beat yourselves up or be discouraged if the weight sticks around a bit longer. You created life! Your body has changed (and mine has, too!), and you have a sweet babe to show for it. You are beautiful and amazing, no matter how you appear, and I encourage you to embrace that. Embrace your body. Embrace your yoga pants. Strut your Momma stuff.

As always,

You got this, Momma


What are some things that you do to help shed the baby weight? I’d love to hear your insights!

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