My Baby Registry: Thinking ahead to the Toddler Years

So, you’ve started a baby registry. How exciting! Does it feel more real yet? I remember the registry being monumental for me. I remember thinking, “Okay! This is happening!”

Hopefully you feel like you have found the essentials-And if you haven’t, head on over to “Baby Registry: Only the Essentials“. You may be surprised at how little you actually need! I remember sitting on our couch with our newborn napping on the ottoman with a blanket thinking “we literally borrowed every napping thing you could think of (rock-n-play, swing, bouncer, crib, etc.), and my kid is passed out on the ottoman. Perfect.”

It doesn’t have to be complicated, but if you are wanting to bulk up your registry on things you may come to need in the future, you have come to the right place. That sweet baby of yours is going to grow so quickly, and you will need to be prepared. So here goes:

Eating Accessories

We are a crunchy family. I feel like I should start off by mentioning that (LOL!) We have come to LOVE our reusable pouches, as it makes snacks and some meal times quick. Not to mention, they are wonderful to use when in a rush or on the road! Plus, it is a one-time buy. Definitely worth it for us!

We also got an assortment of bibs. We have both cloth bibs and silicone pocket bibs (which are amazing-let me tell you why!). The pocket bibs allow me to see how much she has actually eaten because the food that she drops isn’t hidden in her lap or fed to the dogs. We can scoop the scraps out and let her try eating them again. These bibs definitely help once your baby starts manipulating finger foods.

Speaking of food ending up in places that aren’t our little ones’ bellies… suction placemats. They are lifesavers. These plates were great when we first started table food because the plate had a good edge that could help her grasp her food. Plus she couldn’t pick the plate up and throw it on the ground (Hallelujah).

Sippy Cups. We love our munchkin miracle 360 sippy cups. They are recommended by dentists and mimic drinking out of an actual cup. My daughter has been using these cups from the get-go, and we will never change. They also have handle attachments for little ones who are just learning how to hold a cup!

Once your little one is ready for more adult-like tableware, you can introduce them to their own dinnerware set. I like this one from Ikea. The set includes all your child will need and is completely affordable!

Snack Catchers are another great registry item for your toddler! We rarely go anywhere without snacks, and these little snack carriers foster your child’s independence and encourage them to feed themselves.

If you haven’t already found a high chair, you may want to add it to your registry. It is a perfect “big ticket item” that friends and family can get for you!

Other Miscellaneous Items

They will be potty training before you know it! Add a potty seat, so that when the urge hits them, you are ready!

Baby safety gates and outlet covers will be your best friends once your sweet babe becomes mobile and curious as ever!

I have vivid memories of smashing my forehead into the bathtub spout. It hurts y’all. Save yourself from some tears and get a Spout Cover.  They are cheap and cute and worth it.

Well, there it is! If you thought the baby registry list was skimpy, I’m interested to hear your thoughts on this! Ha! Was there any product that you thought absolutely necessary for your toddlers? Any you could live without? Let me know in the comments below!

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